TOP 5 Altcoins To REALISTICALLY 50X In May 2021 🚀


Hey guys, the entire cryptocurrency market could be on the cost of another leg up, and if that does happen, and if bitcoin does actually surpass this all-time high right here expect old coins to go crazy, and yet that’s why i’m doing this video? So here are five coins. I believe, will take full advantage of that next move up and will outperform the market so yeah, let’s get into it. Crypto is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you want to make the most of it make sure you do check out token metrics, where you get access to a ton of features, including their most recent one, which just tells you when exactly to get in and out of a coin.


And, as you can see, it is very, very accurate not only that, but if you do join the professional plan, you can get access to a private group filled with wall street veterans and programmers that constantly evaluate the market, get you into coins before they 100x get. You into icos and pretty much everything you need to make the most out of this bull market. This is only for serious people, so yeah check out using the link below for 10 off. Firstly, though, we need to talk about bitcoin and where exactly we are at so. Bitcoin has made a very, very good reversal right here and in my opinion, there is a decent chance that this was the bottom of this entire consolidation period and we could see further upside.

However, if you do want to be safe and honestly, if you’re not in crypto and are just looking to swing trade altcoins, you should definitely take a look at this. Is this um diagonal resistance line right here? So what we need to do is for bitcoin to actually close above it on the four-hour chart. Now, if bitcoin does, that will be a confirmed breakout and yet there is a very, very high likelihood we could uh. We could actually continue going up and we could surpass this all-time high and bitcoin could absolutely explode, bringing up all the altcoins with it.

Now you may be asking me how high exactly bitcoin could explode um. I have two targets for you. Firstly, this target right here, which is at around 74 000 us dollars. It depends how long it takes bitcoin to reach it, but i do believe bitcoin will take uh. You know not that long to actually reach uh.

This target uh bitcoin, is very, very violent and it does like to move up very, very violently, as we’ve seen right here um. So you know i do believe we could see around 74 75 000 us dollars in the short term if this bullish play plays out. However, we can go even further than that. Let me actually open up another chart with a more long-term gan plan that i’ve drawn out um, and this has been very, very accurate, as you can see uh by the way. I do want to remind you guys that this dip right here was literally on the border of two different gan fans i bought.

So there is very, very strong support at this level um, but anyway, guys. The more longer-term target i could see bitcoin reaching is at the top of this cam fan board right here, which is at around 93 to 95 000 us dollars. If not, we could obviously poke above it like we’ve done in the past, and we could be seeing a hundred thousand us dollars now. Just to put that into perspective. If we do see bitcoin do that, just literally imagine what all coins will do, we will see old coins go absolutely crazy.

Like we saw in the past um, you know all coins have wildly overperformed a bitcoin and they’ve done so after every big move. So when bitcoin finally does make a massive move upwards, you know it is pretty much inevitable that old coins will eventually follow, but guys which all coins should you buy to maximize your gains. That’S what i’ll be talking about in this video. However, it is important to know that um, you know when you are investing into altcoin projects. In my opinion, i like to be very, very diversified.

You never know which altcoin is gon na absolutely destroy everything and you’ll go up 100 x or even more, and you never really know what altcoins will sort of underperform. So if you do have a diversified portfolio, you know um. It is much much safer. In my opinion and there’s a less likelihood that all the coins you’ll be holding will randomly underperform and there’s also a highly like a high likelihood that you could catch one of these 100x movements or even more. That comment in the next few months.

But let’s go on to the top five coins. Let me quickly say that these coins are in no particular order. However, i do genuinely like cadena and that’s why i’m talking about it first in this video. Firstly, if we do take a look at the cadena chart, um i’ll get into the fundamentals, as you guys need to hear about the fundamentals of this coin. They are crazy, but firstly, this chart here to me looks very very good, so you know we did have a run-up.

We surpassed this all-time high right here, um we did have a bullish retest, and this to me was a very, very successful bullish. Retest um see i am now looking for cadena to hopefully surpass this all-time high right here coming very soon and guys if it does surpass a price of um 1.74 cents. In my opinion, that is a breakout and we could see this coin go very, very high up now. You guys may be asking me how high this coin could actually get to in the coming months.

Um now, there’s honestly no real way to say that. However, if you do take a look at the gam fan board right here, you can see a number of very, very important areas of resistance. Now it honestly matters where exactly um, you know kadena hits this, but what you can do is just take a screenshot of this video right here, um and yeah. You can refer back this chart in a few months and just see where the major areas of resistance and support are so. I can further zoom out right here.


So you know there is a lot of growth potential for this coin, and what i do also want to talk about is that this coin has a very, very low, circulating, uh, sorry, very, very low market cap, so yeah it can 50x realistically, it will only make It eight five a billion usd coin, which is still very, very small. Now, though, what actually is cadena cadena is the pretty much only scalable proof of work chain and the way they do this is by using something called the chain web. This is essentially multiple blockchains. In parallel, however, the team have found a way to sort of make them into one single network, so it can now handle thousands or, i believe, even tens of thousands of transactions per second, not only that, but this blockchain was built by very, very important people. It was built by the creators of jp morgan’s first blockchain jpmor can actually hire these guys to build their permission.

Blockchain these guys are the real deal and they do know what they’re doing when it comes to building blockchains. Not only that, but they do have a very, very good investor list. Most notably we’ve got metastable and multi-coin capital. I really really do like multicore and capital, and they have been very, very successful in their um. You know in all of their investments, pretty much so yeah, you know having them behind a project like this is very, very good now.

What i do want to talk about next is actually the fact that this coin actually doesn’t have that much volume uh. So it has 1.5 million volume and you know a ton of people may think that’s a bad thing. But if you are a small investor, you know you’re not going to move the price. You know one million volume is fine for you guys, but what that does mean is that this coin can move very very easily in price i mean it only takes basically one whale and this coin can move up a ton.

It also isn’t really on any major exchanges, so we are technically getting into this coin very, very early. If we do buy in now, so just to round off it has a decent looking chart. It has a very, very good fundamentals. It has a good team, has good backing and is a low market cap. So in my opinion this could do very, very well in the near future.

Now you guys know, i get you into coins extremely extremely early and one of the coins i’m getting you into is chia. Now chia is not even on the market, however, you will be able to buy and trade it on may the 3rd. So what is chia chi is essentially a revolutionary blockchain platform and instead of proof of work uh and instead of mining using you know, expensive hardware that is very, very bad for the environment. Instead, chia found a way to basically do that, but using storage instead network developed a blockchain and smart contract platform created by the inventor of bittorrent, bram cohen, which is a very very big name. It implements the first new nakamoto consensus algorithm since bitcoin in 2008 called proof of space and time, and this replaces um.

You know energy intensive proof of works that we see on bitcoin and ethereum. At the moment they also create their own program, language. That makes it very very easy to build um apps on their platform, so it is a very, very decent project. However, it also has a very very large backing, so not only is it actually created by the creator of bittorrent, which, in my opinion, will give the project a ton of hype, it’s also backed by the famous and justine horowitz they’re they’re, actually, a lead investor in This project, which makes me extremely extremely bullish, [ Music, ]. Now, if you are or if you do, have some free space on your computer right now, you can actually contribute to pre-mining chia and when the platform does actually um, you know go live on.

May the third you will get money for that. However, you know what i’ll be doing. I have been pre-mining it for quite a while now, however, what i’ll be looking into is actually picking up some coins when it does launch now, a lot of new proof of work coins actually tend to go down over time, as there is a ton of inflation. Early on so this coin might be a better play um, if you do wait, maybe a month or so, for the price to stabilize before getting in, but all around, though there could be a ton of hype behind this network uh. This network has actually single-handedly made the price of hdds and ssds rise in china by a very, very substantial amount.


So this is no small project and there is a lot of hype behind it. Yeah um here’s a project super super early. It will be tradable on. May the 3rd, so yeah guys keep an eye out for it. I do believe it could be something big in the coming future.

Hey guys, the next coin i’ll be talking about is liquidy and liquidy is a very very interesting coin. Now it has launched very very recently, however, its product l usd, has a big gun or has become massive, even though its coin hasn’t really seen that much gain in value. So if we do actually take a look at l, usd, which is essentially the stable coin for liquidity, we can see that it is massive and is is actually in the top 100 Um i’ll try find it for you guys. Oh yeah, it’s right here, so it has a market cap of 1.4 billion us dollars and keep in mind that liquidity only came out um literally this month, guys.

So you know a ton of ton of growth. For this coin and their products are genuinely good now to dive deeper into why liquid is such a good project, i’ll actually be using token metrics um, the professional tier, which is here that i use – and you get access to this group right here and if you Don’T know what talking metrics do. Essentially they just do these uh reports where they evaluate coins, so you guys don’t have to, and yet they did rate liquidity in 80, which is a very, very good rating. So yeah, let’s get into more detail. Liquidity is a decentralized boring protocol that allows you to draw zero percent interest loans against ether used as collateral.

Loans are paid out on lusd, which is their stable coin, and need to maintain a minimal collateral ratio of only 110, which is very, very good. In addition to the collateral, the loans are secured by a stability pool containing lusd by feral borrowers, collectively acting as guarantors of last resort. Now you can read more about how exactly it works, but just think of this as essentially a much more efficient and arguably much better maker dowel. Now, if you don’t know what maker is, it is essentially the governance coin behind die now die is, i believe, the largest decentralized stable coin out there and they are solving a massive massive issue. L usd is arguably better than it and has received a ton of adoption since since its inception, so i believe the liquidity platform as a whole has a lot of room to grow.

Now, how high could decentralized stable coins actually get to? If we do actually take a look at tether, we can see that one of the biggest and most used coins in crypto are actually stable. Coins, however, tether is completely centralized, so is um usd coin, and so on. You know the next few centralized stable coin. Now we do need a decentralized solution and when a trusted decentralized solution.

Finally, pops up on the market. You know it could be as big as tether and tether currently has a market cap of 50 billion us dollars and as a support continues, we could see tether even reaching a hundred plus a billion us dollars. So you know this is a gigantic market. Now um, you know, we don’t really know which stable coin will come out on top, i’m pretty sure we’ll see growth in all of them have a liquidity has put itself in a very, very good position to be one of the top stable coins in the coming Few months now, if you do plan on buying liquidity, make sure you do actually stake it on f dot liquidity dot. Five stake, as there are very very decent rewards to be had next up, is a relatively small project called handshake and i do say relatively because i believe this project could be massive.

So what exactly is handshake? Now it’s going to be a bit hard for people who don’t actually do computer science to understand it, but i’ll try my best to describe it. So essentially, it is a decentralized naming and certificate authority at the moment, dot, org dot com, all those websites are owned by a central entity. Um actually, i believe around seven entities and it’s called the icann – and this basically just makes the entire um internet completely centralized. If those entities wanted to, they could censor a website as they’re using you know their own domains, they’re using Com.

rg, which is owned by them handshake aims to change this. So handshake is the first time in history where you can actually create your own domain, for example, dot h s or dot k crypto, if you want to, and yet you can fully fully control that domain. What, essentially, this means is a new paradigm for the internet. It is now the first time in history for the internet, where you can be, you know fully. You can fully own your website.

No one can shut you off um and this will hopefully make the entire network decentralized. So you know i’m sure how you can see an innovation like handshake. You know it’s not guaranteed handshake will actually succeed, but you know you can see how a project like handshake could become revolutionary and could become one of the biggest projects in cryptocurrency. Not only that but johan shu, who is the founder and managing partner of kinetic, recently, went on bloomberg. A real tv show and actually talked about handshake, and he himself believes that handshake could become as big as bitcoin and when you do think about it.

If handshake does succeed in what they want to do, they will literally be the fabric of the new internet. It’Ll be a complete revolution and you could see something like handshake becoming as big or even bigger than bitcoin itself. Web 3 is a very, very big market and finally, um you know allowing the web to be completely decentralized will be massive. I mean we won’t be at the mercy of any of these large corporations anymore. We can essentially do whatever we want and be completely free for the first time in history.

Now you guys know, i love talking about the backing of a project, because although the idea of a handshake is good – and it is very very well what matters most is how the team actually execute on it, and the best way to do that is to have A very very big name to have a ton of connections, and you know what they’re doing behind the project, so yeah, um and handshake does have that handshake is backed by a16 zed and justine horowitz. Who are massive? You guys know i love them so much um, not only that but they’re backed by polychain capital. Another massive name having these two alone on a single project makes the project a top tier project. They were also backed by many other reese’s.

As you can see here, we’ve got pantera capital, draper associates, and so many more so handshake has a revolutionary idea. Do i think it could 50x this month of april um? You know, i actually doubt it. I believe handshake is slightly a more longer term player when you are buying handshake once again, you’re buying something that could be foundational to web3. So in the long term, though, i still believe it is worth mentioning this coin on this video.

Lastly, coin number one is injective protocol. Now what injective protocol is is essentially one of the first decentralized derivatives exchanges. So essentially, this allows you to trade things like futures and guys if you watch this channel for a while, you guys know that i’m very, very bullish on decentralized derivatives and the market has not recognized their potential yet um. If we do take a look at the actual real world outside of crypto derivatives and their exchanges are actually much larger than uh normal exchanges themselves, so we could see some of these top derivative exchanges, like injective, actually be higher in market cap than um decentralized exchanges. Like uni swap unisov currently has a value of 21 billion us dollars and it is only going to get bigger as this ball run continues.


So you can see the potential that derivatives or decentralized derivatives have in the crypto space. Now i’m bullish on derivatives. You know i’ve said it before. However, i do have something that does set this project apart, and that is some recent recent news that just came out so several investors, including the billionaire entrepreneur mark cuban who, if you guys don’t know you, have been living underneath the bridge actually invested into the project. Um now mark cuban investing into a project himself won’t do much, but having his name behind the project will just add a ton of hype behind it.

Mark cuban has to be the or you know one of the most famous investors in the world. So yeah a ton of hype from mark cuban, not only that, but a ton of big names such as pantera capital, hashed and cms, actually participated in the rounds. All around, though this is a very, very um decent for injector protocol now. Another very, very decent thing that we got to look at is the actual valuation that they bought in um, so the private sale placement token sale of injective protocol was sold with a lock-up period at a 1 billion plus valuation, meaning that all these investors right here Actually bought at a valuation, that is, let me just quickly, search up injector protocol for its market cap um. That is basically four times higher than the price right now, and do you guys think you’re smarter than these investors, yes or no?

These are these investors literally bought into this coin four times higher than it is right now. This coin, in my opinion, will at least go up a 4x, but in the long term i can see it going up much much more, so you know there’s massive potential in injector protocol. I do see the project doing very, very well and i believe their mainnet should be coming up very very soon too, but yet those are my five coins in the comments down below tell me a coin that you are very, very bullish on or tell me your Top five projects and make sure you do explain why i’d love to see some discussions down below about it. Um yeah, if you guys enjoy these videos and you like the fact that i get you into these coins early, make sure you do check out talking metrics and make sure you do like and subscribe with the bonification turned on. Thank you for watching and i’ll see.

You guys soon, are you guys serious about making money in crypto worst case scenario? Is we’ve only got a few more months left of the bull market? If you do want to make the most of it, you do need to check out token metrics. Not only do they have a bunch of indicators such as this one, which tells you when exactly to get in and out of alt coins, but if you do join the professional plan, which is the plan that i personally use you get access to. This private group filled with wall street veterans and programmers that constantly evaluate the market and give you guys opportunities.

This is how i get to those 100 x coins before anyone else knows about, and i do recommend it so check it out in the link below for 10 off

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