MY TOP 3: 20X CRYPTO GAINS | How I Find Good Coins


What’s up everyone, this is tony with journey crypto in this video, I’m going be showing you guys three cryptocurrency projects. I’ve done over 20 exxon dollar cost averaging over the last couple years. I’M also going to discuss how I found these projects and picked these and how you can also scout out good cryptocurrency projects for the future. So before we get started, I do appreciate if you guys, like the video subscribe to the channel, if you haven’t already and hit the bell, if you do want to be notified, when I make new crypto [ Music ] videos all right guys before we get into The video I do want to let you guys know this is going to be the last video recorded in this current location. This video is actually pre-recorded as well and uh, while you’re watching this I’m actually going to be moving.


So i am moving from southern California to Las Vegas for business reasons and rent is just way cheaper as well um, so i do need a lot more room um. So this is definitely going help me, which is why I’ve been delaying the crypto membership website. Uh, so i could be situated before i get all of that going and start hiring people. So over the next week uh we will be launching the crypto membership pre-sale on march 7th. I did announce that in a video a couple days ago, so uh, here’s the benefits real, quick, 60 off the first year is the main benefit and you’re going get early access to private telegram and discord groups, and your first year will not start until the Official website is launched and everything and it’s live so you will get access to the private telegram and discord for a month or two before the website is even live, so that’s going to be free and then other benefits as well.

So tomorrow’s video will be at the new location, I’m just getting the office set up and everything I’m also ordering new cameras and equipment to improve the channel quality as much as possible. I’M always trying to improve the channel here and i do appreciate you guys liking. The videos commenting and sharing everything helps the channel grow and makes everything possible, so these prices will be outdated, uh as you’re watching the video. Hopefully, the prices are a lot higher than we’re currently looking at. So we are gon na get into three cryptocurrencies.

I’ve done over 20 exxon, i’m going to talk to you guys why i picked these cryptocurrencies, i’m also going to go over a couple. Cryptocurrencies um, i didn’t buy that i was looking at that also did 20x and we’re going to discuss how to find good projects that have very high potential as well all right guys. So first project on the list is cardano ada. I actually uh primarily got into ada at the beginning of summer, when charles hoskinson was hinting uh, that a big announcement was coming um, and that was the announcement of the shelley maynet roadmap and the price really did start moving after that. So i did get in.


I believe it was in may end of may was when the shelley road map came, and i got in around five cents to five and a half cents, primarily here and then with the announcement of the road map. It went up and then uh towards the launch of the shelley main net. It did go up as well, briefly touching 15 cents, then it leveled back out as ethereum took the spotlight for a while now leading in to the uh uh, the mary hard fork and the gogen mainnet. The price is rising again we’re at all-time high price usd. So i still believe ada has huge potential throughout 2021 with so many updates coming so many partnerships and so many projects that are going to be launching on the cardone blockchain.

I really think um. It still has huge potential here throughout 2021 and, as i did state in a previous video, i definitely see ten dollars possible for ada in 2021. Although the entire crypto space will have to be growing in general as well um keep in mind. Temporary dips are always possible with the merry hard fork coming up. Uh some people may be selling because that’s how some people invest, they buy the test nets and sell the main nets.

So we still are leading into the gogen main net with smart contracts, which is going to allow a lot of projects to begin launching on the cardano blockchain. They have over 110 partnerships in the pipeline, lots of major things rolling out throughout 2021. We still don’t have a coinbase or paypal listing for ada as well, and now ada is the third biggest crypto in market cap. So i definitely see both of those listings happening by end of 2021 and those could be huge launch weekends as well. So a huge potential here still for ada and one of my top picks uh.

Since i got in around five cents, i’ve already done over 20 x from the current price and i’m not selling. I’M just staking earning passive income, because i know the huge potential this project has so cardano’s doing huge things like bringing decentralized finance to africa, where they can get millions of users from this. Also hundreds of projects will be launching on the cardinal blockchain. Many other reasons. Why this project such has such high potential, which is why i haven’t really sold any yet so as we get to the higher prices uh five to ten dollars, i may sell small percentages here and there and then buy back in on the dips.

If it does happen, but either way, i’m going to be holding a lot of ada and staking uh very long term, five to ten years out at minimum. So next project on the list is binance, b and b coin, and i did start buying this because uh binance, the company started buying up other companies in the crypto space uh that did have high potential and i saw how much utility they were building for the Bnb token and that’s very important to me: uh seeing companies actually building utility for their token and taking that seriously one company i have invested in that hasn’t done. This is brave browser basic attention, token. They basically use their basic attention, token sale to fund their browser, and basically i haven’t seen them building uh, any good utility. They have built some, but not nearly as much as binance bnb has so.

The first time i really bought into bnb heavily was during the mid-march market crash in 2020. If you guys remember that all the cryptos crashed 20 to 30 percent and later that day, they crashed another. Twenty to thirty percent bnb hit a low of around eight dollars and that’s exactly where i picked it up. I ended up selling the majority of my xrp around 13 cents for bnb at eight dollars, and this was a huge move on my part, probably one of my best trades in 2020, because xrp is still around 50 to 60 cents, while bnb is over 200. It even briefly touched 350 dollars, while it was skyrocketing, so bnb did build out the binance smart chain and, as you guys can see how high this has rallied going from around forty to fifty dollars here at the end of january, to three hundred fifty dollars in A short period of time, so i really think the binet smart chain is what made the price of b b explode uh because of the pancake swap a lot of people were starting to use uh pancake, swap instead of uniswap.

I do think layer. Twos are gon na be coming to uniswap, though so we’ll see how bnb does. Over the next few months, i did sell um a small amount of my bnb to pick up a litecoin and some more ada. So the third crypto i’ve done over 20 exxon is spark point. Srk i’ve been dollar cost averaging srk this entire time since uh, basically, since it was created because i did see the huge potential in this, i actually signed on um as a marketing advisor for them.

Very early on as well, i haven’t sold any of the srk. They gave me this payment as well, because i see the huge potential here, so i don’t work hands-on with the team. I just give spark point: uh ceo marketing advice as requested and everything, and i basically find out about major things same day as you guys so uh. This project has grown tremendously and they’ve actually launched a second cryptocurrency s, fuel, that’s on the binance smart chain and hopefully uh by doing that. That does get them a binance listing by the end of 2021, which is why i’m holding out.


I see the huge potential here: binance is their goal. They just got listed on kucoin, so their main exchanges right now being uniswap and kucoin, so srk hasn’t been that accessible uh primarily was only on uniswap and, as you guys know, the gas fees were so horrible. A lot of people just didn’t, buy it because of that so now being on kucoin, it’s more accessible and uh. They just got on the pancake swap as well, since they are in the binance smart chain, uh they’re really branching out as much as possible, and the d5 platform they’re working on is just huge still under a 100 million dollar market cap. So this still has huge potential, which is why i’m still holding this one out as well um if they get a binance listing and the d5 platform launches, and they get a lot of users on that um they’re, actually working on mobile games as well.

That could definitely help with mass adoption and a learning platform uh, where they provide free education on investing um, cryptocurrency and other things um. I actually have a free course there as well. If you guys want to check that out, um and you’re new to the crypto space, i highly recommend going through that course. So i think it’s very possible. Srk does another 10x through 2021.

If they get listed on binance and launching the d5 platform, where you can lend your srk and s fuel and earn passive income on that, that could be huge potential there. So uh. That d5 platform is similar to block fi and nexo and celsius. And if you look at those coins they’re already over a billion dollar market cap, so srk doing a 10x will put it at 700 million dollars, which is uh one of the primary reasons i’m holding this out long term as well. So that’s it for my three cryptocurrencies i’ve done over 20 exxon in the last year and a half to two years.

I have done um great profits on other cryptocurrencies as well, but these three are definitely my highest roi and all three of these still have huge potential, and that’s why i picked these cryptocurrencies. I saw the huge potential in the future and you kind of have to look at that. What the team is: building uh if they’re, building good utility for the token or, if they’re, just trying to build out their own company and they don’t really care about. The token there’s no reason to really hold the token all right guys so three projects i actually missed out on over 20 exon, the first being theta, so i was holding some theta throughout the bear market just to be diversified. I should have been dollar cost averaging into this because they are doing huge things and i like the utility they’re building, so i actually sold at the peak here around the main net launch around 40 cents.

I should have bought back in when it leveled out, but i didn’t just because i was uh so busy and focused on other cryptocurrencies, but this is a great project long term. So this has peaked out again uh now over three dollars. This would have been a 20x if i had just held uh from the bear market. Second, one here is kusama, which is a polka dot, all coin at 230 dollars. Now i was looking at this when it was below 10 here, and that was back.

I believe i was looking at it around five dollars uh when crypto bitlord on twitter started mentioning it. I looked into it uh, but i never bought in uh just because i didn’t have enough time and stuff to fully research the project. That’S another thing. You should always do your own research and make sure you fully understand the projects before you start investing in them. So this definitely has turned out to be a great project um it’s over 20 x.

If i got in um below 10, so the third one i missed out huge on was celsius sell token. Now around five dollars it actually peaked out much higher than that uh over six dollars over a one billion dollar market cap now. So this is a decentralized finance project for lending like. I was mentioning with spark point, which is why i see huge potential with spark point as well, so this project – i was looking at this when it was pretty flat here throughout 2020, i had been hearing about celsius and i was looking to take out a loan. So i had looked over this project a...nd saw they had a token, but i didn’t buy into it because it was flat.

So if i did get into this around 10 11 cents, that would have been over a 40 x. If i held out to now even over 50, if um at this peak here, so this actually has been going down, uh, not sure why. But this is a huge company in the crypto space, doing crypto backed loans and lending where you can earn passive income as well, so to find cryptocurrencies that have this massive potential to do 20 to 100x in a few years period of time. You really have to be studying the crypto space constantly, always watching the crypto news, uh watching youtube videos researching smaller cryptocurrencies, because the ones that are much smaller are the ones uh that are likely to have higher potential, but keep in mind those are also higher risk. I have invested in some small cryptocurrencies that i thought had huge potential and the teams just weren’t putting in the amount of work and building the uh utility they should have been for the cryptocurrencies.

So, even though i work in the crypto space full-time, i’m constantly researching these small market cap cryptocurrencies, it’s actually very rare. I find a cryptocurrency, i think, has the potential to do a 20-100 x and has a good long-term vision and is actually building good token utility. Even some cryptocurrencies, i found that i think don’t have this type of potential. They still uh do 50 to 100 x, just based on fomo and hype, and then they end up crashing back down. So that’s another thing: if you do pick a cryptocurrency um, it always has that potential to go really high and then crash back down as well.

If they don’t continue building good token utility continue marketing and continue doing good things for the project. So that’s another thing. Since i have had background in building websites and marketing online, i have a better eye for picking projects that know what they’re doing and are actually building a good project and uh doing good marketing as well. So i think the crypto space still has huge room for growth throughout 2021 uh with so many big things happening. We have paypal, crypto merchant payments coming.

We have visa and mastercard launching, possibly jp morgan, getting into crypto and all kinds of other things and institutions that are taking interest for the first time ever. A lot of people from the stock market are getting into cryptos for the first time ever as well. Uh. Some data that does support this uh we had binance show their weekly followers is at an all-time high and this hasn’t dipped off. So as uh new investors to the crypto space, continue buying, doing dollar cost averaging and buying the dips and accumulating more crypto.

I definitely think we’re going to be moving upwards throughout 2021, so google trends interest is back at the all-time high as well that we initially had at the beginning of january when bitcoin passed 40 000. For the first time, retail interest did dip off a little bit, but then picked back up with tesla getting in and other institutions buying bitcoin, and i do think this will continue as a trend throughout 2021. Of course, along the way there is going to be dips, as early investors sell off some of the position, because that is the point of why a lot of people get into crypto is because they just want to make profit. So that’s it for this video. I hope you guys found it useful and i hope it gives you a better idea of how to research and find crypto projects with high potential.

Of course, i’ll always be mentioning projects. I think have good potential as well here on the channel so be sure to be subscribed and hit the bell if you did find the video useful, a free way to support the channel is like the video comment below and share this video anywhere on social media Or with friends and family, everything helps the channel grow and i do appreciate it again. Thank you guys so much for watching and i’ll see you guys in the next video you

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