HUGE ALTCOIN NEWS: VeChain (VET) + Polkadot (DOT) | Bullish Crypto Analysis


Hey guys, we’ve got a ton of news to go over um, more specifically we’ll be talking about vechain and the fact that they can take decarbonization to the next level. According to the v chain creator and ceo, sunny lou we’ve got some popular updates. As you can see, and also just general market updates, so yeah, let’s get right into it. Hey guys, do you want to trade with world-class traders and also have access to my personal portfolio and all the new projects, and i shows i invest into or check out the patreon in the link below it is the most profitable patreon on youtube. So, let’s get into the video so firstly on to the vegan news, which is that v chain can take decarbonization to the next level.

So quite recently, china made a decision to put decarbonization and neural carbon in its national plan for the next five years and in a twitter thread, lou presented the approach that was taken in 2018 by vichy and its partners to tackle that exact same problem. So more on what he said, he said this. I believe that blockchain and vechain can really change the sector and bring it to the next level, which has been floating for many years. The key change will be to digitize an individual’s efforts to sustainability and education is not enough for sure, but incentives will do as early as 2018. V-Chain solution was ready for mass production, with tools to reduce the global carbon footprint on a platform to manage, monitor, store, share and analyze data in a sustainable ecosystem suddenly concluded.


By saying this, i believe this initiative could be one of the greatest exports from china to the whole world by uniting everyone in the world to make a better future planet for our children before elon musk takes us to mars, we yeah all around. This is sort of a conspiracy, but we do know that v chain does have government ties to china. They have helped. The chinese government do certain big things, and yet you know they’re focused on sustainability and china now wants to be completely sustainable and co2, free and yeah. You know there could possibly be some sort of partnership between the two entities coming in the future.

Obviously, nothing is set in stone at the moment, but the pieces are there to possibly make something happen and yeah i’ll keep you updated on this channel, taking a look at the v chain chart and although we have dipped, as you can see, um you know the Entire market did take a dip today, um. We are still above this diagonal trend line right here and it is still serving as a decent area of support. So, as you can see, v chain did dip, but we did bounce sharply from that trend line. If we do break this support line um in my opinion, there could be some further consolidation or even further downside. Another very, very important support line that you need to look out for, if we do break below, is around eight point: three: seven cents um.

Now, if we do break below this support line right here, the next stop is at around 7.1, so that is a decent move but yeah as long as we stay above this diagonal line right here, more or less the chances are. We are still in a very, very bullish trend on some polka dot news and actually news for harmony, as well as the harp bridge, which is connecting the two projects is now live. So essentially, this bridge between the two projects will allow even further interoperability in the crypto industry and something like this bridge could spur and support the growth of products. Projects like dexes liquidity, pools, cross chain lending and other d5 instruments across the entire blockchain space.


That could work on multiple chains next, up with power chains around the corner for polka dots, some of the top projects came out and actually gave your opinion on the project and how it’s doing at the moment. So, according to the vice president, at parity technologies, here’s what he said about the polkadot blockchain. Ultimately polkadot is also a sharded blockchain protocol like ethereum, but with the key difference compared to ethereum two. Is that, instead of each shot being an issue of execution environment and each chart looking exactly the same, these shards can look vastly different. The centrifuge, ceo and co-founder also went on to say that one thing they really like about substrate and polkadot is that it gives you an insane amount of flexibility.

One of the things they wanted to put into their runtime is cryptographic primitives. That are much better. Much more recent than what you have on ethereum and so to enable our asset originators to have more privacy as they’re borrowing, money, they’re, sort of originating these assets. And yet that just goes into the point that when these power chains are released, they’ll essentially be a new paradigm. There hasn’t really been a chain like this.

Before that has been so flexible with polkadot, you can have one power chain that focuses on privacy, one that is completely transparent, both with their different use cases and both operating underneath the polka dot ecosystem. Taking a look at the pog.chart and there’s honestly not too much to say, apart from the fact that we are currently sitting on the area of support, so i would look for some sort of bounce right here now. If things do go south, what you do need to look out for is if the price of polka dot closes below a price of 35 us dollars on the hourly chart, there is a decent chance. We would then further go down to around the 32 region before, in my opinion, we will likely see a much larger bounce.

I will continue this bullish trend if we do zoom out for the polka dot chart, though this looks very, very bullish, and it honestly just looks like polka dot is consolidating. I mean we haven’t really seen any big sell-offs. It doesn’t look like people want to. Let go of their polka dot. It just looks like it is sort of stalling um but yeah.

I do obviously see polka dot doing quite great as soon as bitcoin starts. Moving now talking about bitcoin moving, i do want to remind you guys how big cryptocurrencies actually are um. A veteran analyst called peter brandt actually expects bitcoin to reach 200 000 us dollars by september. So brad expects bitcoin to reach 180 000 to 200 000 us dollars by q3 or q4, based on its long-term trend channel. Here’s what you said.

I keep my eye on the broader picture, bitcoin over the past 10 to 11 years. You get these big rallies that accelerate two to three years, and then you get a big correction. Bitcoin is currently moving along. Its fourth parabolic advance on the weekly log scale. Chart the parabolic advance um provides an anchor to bitcoin price from the march 2020 low.


Taking a look at the chart that he did lay out, and yet this does look very, very good and you know pretty pretty likely to happen um, as you can see you know, bitcoin is gearing up for that next move above to hit somewhere around the 180. To 200 000 level, peter brown is a very well respected trader he’s been around for many many years, and yet i do respect him when he says price predictions now, in my opinion, what this prediction just shows is just another reason why um you know if you Are new to crypto you just shouldn’t be trading as once again 90 of people lose money trading, especially with leverage um. If you just hold decent projects, i mean bitcoin. If it does go to 200k, just imagine what all coins would do you make so much money. Just by holding decent projects um but yeah on to the next segment now another price prediction, uh bitcoin could top out at 150k to 300k in 2022, says another large bitcoin miner.

So you know i’ve seen a ton of people come out with price predictions sort of in that range, and yet you know, although they may seem crazy at the moment, cryptocurrency will revolutionize the world and yeah. It will do crazy things. I mean we’ve seen crazier things happen in the bitcoin market. Bitcoin has lost like 50 in a single day, um and yeah. You know if it does go to 300k.

Just know that everyone watching this video will likely make it this year. Finally, taking a look at the bitcoin chart and like the other charts, i did take a look at you know. We are currently sitting on top of an area of support, so i’ll be looking short term for some sort of bounce, possibly back to this support region. Right here at around 56 56 188 us dollars all around, though thank you for watching and like and subscribe. If you do want to stay updated on the crypto markets, um and yeah.

Thank you for watching and i’ll see you soon. The bull run is running out. Guys – and you have limited time to make money the best way to make the most of it is to join my patreon, where i am doing something that no other cryptocurrency youtuber is i’m partnering with legitimate famous traders to give you guys frequent trade setups on top Of that, you also get my fundamental analysis and my coin calls. You also get access to my personal portfolio, so all of that and more check it out in the link below

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