What’s up everyone, this is tony with journey crypto. In this video we’re going to be doing a crypto news and market update, we do have a small market dip right now. Bitcoin and ethereum down five percent unit swap did release a video as well, and i do believe, they’re hinting that unit swap version. Three is very close, so i am hoping um that and paypal crypto merchant payments are going to be launching by the end of march and i do think we’ll still have a great end of march. So before we get started, i do appreciate if you guys, like the video subscribe to the channel, if you haven’t already and hit the bell to be notified when i make new crypto videos all right guys.

So we are experiencing a small market dip today, both bitcoin and ethereum down over five percent ada is down seven percent uh. We do have xrp up five percent, though so, like i stated in previous videos, something i have noticed is when the market is pretty much in the red. For some reason, xrp has been in the green, and this has happened. The last three or four dips – or so i do think it’s just coincidence – that there’s xrp news on these days, but i have noticed that as a trend um, we also got a video from uniswap today and i do believe that’s hinting that version three is very Close to being launched, which is gon na, be great for the entire crypto space. That’S definitely gon na lower the gas fees and make purchasing a lot of these smaller cap all coins much more possible again.


So we did have the fed release some information about inflation rates and apparently the next year is not going to be that bad for inflation. That’s just what they’re predicting, though right now um. So if you guys do want to get more information about that, uh meet kevin here, did a great video on it. Uh just released uh fed just released a new inflation report going over the predictions here uh, so the high prediction is actually slightly under three percent. Uh, which is really not that bad, it’s not hyperinflation like a lot of people are thinking is coming, but i do think inflation rates will be worse in the coming years.

After that it is going to take time for inflation to play out. So we also had news on coin telegraph and that’s uh: bitcoin searches in turkey, spike 566 percent after turkish lira drops 14, which is their fiat currency, so turkey is experiencing some hyper. Inflation 14 in a short period of time is just insane, in my opinion, so uh. Nothing like that’s going to happen in the united states, since they do have that under control. But regardless inflation is happening every year and cryptocurrency is a hedge against inflation.

So i do believe uh some people may be selling it because uh they’re, realizing inflation – is not going to be as bad as expected. So uh they really don’t want to hold their money in cryptocurrency as a hedge against inflation. So the thing is, the governments have printed over 25 of fiat currency in circulation over the last year alone and that’s inevitably going to cause higher inflation rates. So it may take some time for it to play out, but i do think it’s going to be happening and uh cryptocurrency is a hedge against inflation, and we’ve already seen this this time. Last year, bitcoin was barely uh barely around three to five thousand dollars.

Now over fifty thousand dollars and holding and many people predicting it’s going to go up to 100 to a hundred fifty thousand dollars per bitcoin. So i did post uh. Your savings should have more purchasing power. The longer you save it, not less. So that’s the thing with uh cryptocurrencies being deflationary.

While fiat currency is inflationary as they print more and more uh, it inflates the currency, making the purchasing power of the same amount of money going down so uh with cryptocurrency being the opposite. We should have this play out. It’S going to take more and more fiat currency to buy the same amount of cryptocurrency over time. Not only that, but we have new developments and technologies being worked on in the crypto space and new use cases and utility constantly being developed, which should also increase demand over time as well. The younger generations are just much more likely to understand and adopt cryptocurrency as well, and we do have the great wealth transfer taking place over the next 20 to 30 years.


So if you are new to the crypto space, i definitely recommend getting educated as much as possible. I do have some free cryptocurrency guides and a playlist on my channel i’ll put a link to that in the top right of this video um. I do recommend going through this dollar cost averaging video specifically, it shows how i invest in cryptocurrency for long-term success by doing dollar cost averaging and buying all the dips when we do have them that does lower my average buy-in. So i’m still very bullish on the crypto space for the end of march. We have a lot of great things in the works.

We have to keep in mind. Paypal, visa and mastercard still haven’t launched their services yet so uh. That’S really gon na make crypto a lot more accessible and that’s great, especially with retail demand picking up throughout 2021. So these temporary dips are normal uh. You should definitely get used to them, alright guys.

So, as i mentioned, uniswap released this new video. I do believe they’re hinting that uniswap version 3 is very close to launching. So this is a 45 second video, just a teaser, i think of uniswap version 3. Awesome artwork in this, if you guys do want to see the full video there will be a link to this tweet in the video description. So at the end of the video someone did point out right here.

Uh this show version three in uh the the stars here. So i do believe this is an introduction. Video to uniswap version 3., very likely it’s going to launch this week and i do expect they would do an airdrop for the launch of version 3 as well. So for the previous airdrop, they basically gave uni tokens to anyone that used the platform.

They also gave a lot of uni tokens out to liquidity providers on the platform as well so uh last airdrop was worth twelve hundred dollars per person. It was uh three dollars per uni at the launch. Uh almost went to ten dollars in the first few days of the uni token launching and then, as you guys know now, uni token is over 30 dollars here and in the top 10, nearly flipping xrp. Here it’s very possible over the next week, if unit swap version 3 is very successful with reducing those gas fees. That uni token could flip xrp here, which would be crazy to see since xrp and ripple are a massive corporation and uniswap is just a decentralized exchange with a small team, so unison version 3 coming very soon is going to be huge for the crypto space.

Specifically, a lot of those small hidden gems, which i am going to be uh, reviewing some small hidden gems from uniswap throughout the week as well, so be sure to be subscribed and hit the bell. If you don’t want to miss those coins um. So next major event, after unisua version 3 is gon na, be those uh paypal, crypto merchant payments, uh we haven’t heard from paypal at all. They haven’t delayed it. They haven’t stated it’s coming soon, so i do believe paypal will just launch out of the blue and then um, basically after that we’ll start getting thousands of announcements of different websites and companies accepting crypto’s payment.

So if they do announce a delay that could be bad for the crypto space in the short term, we could see a temporary dip that day, but paypal does have investors uh that they definitely want to keep happy and they did state quarter one. So they really only have a little over a week left in quarter one to launch those paypal crypto merchant payments. So if we get unisov version 3 launching the same week as paypal crypto merchant payments, while we have stimulus checks, continuing to go out, that’s going to be massive for the crypto space. So we do have the possibility of that end of march, which is why i’m very bullish for the end of march. Still, we could have the a temporary dip, though, if paypal does announce a delay for this, but regardless unispot version 3 is coming uh.

They pretty much hinted at this. They have been hinting it’s ready for the past uh two months, so we do have some other news today as well. Bitcoin is more a substitute for gold than the dollar says, fed chair powell. So i definitely agree with this. People are buying bitcoin, like it’s gold, uh, it’s very scarce, but it isn’t the best cryptocurrency for transactions and uh for transaction speed and fees.

So people are buying it like gold, taking it out of circulation, holding it long term for much higher price targets. Since we do have history of bitcoin pretty much being the best uh asset in the entire world over the last decade, so i really don’t hold much bitcoin because i believe, there’s much better profits to be made in smaller, altcoins uh, the much smaller market cap all Coins that are working on huge things with major events coming up um, it’s definitely much easier for those to go up than it is for bitcoin to start moving up uh, which is similar to the stock market, which is why a lot of people are moving over From the stock market to the crypto space now, because all coins have such massive potential profits in short periods of time, so i do hold some bitcoin long term that i’ll pretty much never sell and never have to worry about because i do know every bull market. It’S going to have higher lows, so i do believe we’re still fairly early to this current bull market. I believe we have a lot more gas in the tank. We do have an article here stating long-term investors continue to huddle despite 1 trillion bitcoin market cap.


So with everyone new that just got into the crypto space that bought bitcoin and ethereum and all coins, they have price targets in mind that we’re nowhere close to and everyone’s going to continue dollar cost averaging, especially as mass adoption picks up and um cryptocurrency becomes more Accessible in general, with paypal, visa, mastercard, all kinds of institutions, even banks getting into offering cryptocurrency services, so i do believe uh end of 2021. It’s very possible we’re peaking in this bull market, but i do believe the peak is going to be sometime in 2022. So i do believe we’re very close to the next major leg up in the cryptocurrency space uh, where we could see new all-time highs for bitcoin and ethereum, specifically ethereum, i think, is going to be breaking its all-time high very soon, uh very possible with the launch Of the ethereum layer, 2 solution on top of uniswap version 3 as well, so i have been researching dozens of small cap all coins on the uniswap platform, with the launch of version 3 coming, i want to be prepared and uh find the coins. I think have the highest potential in the short term, especially with version 3, launching that’s really going to open the doors to the masses getting into these all coins again for the first time, uh, because with massive gas fees of 100 or more, i do believe the Gas fee was a hundred dollars this morning, um it’s just uh impractical for many people to buy into this small cap all coins, especially because they’re majorly invested in top 10 cryptos and to buy a really small cap. All coin, you really shouldn’t be going heavy in that with a high percentage of your portfolio, so on uh, considering that only investing a few hundred dollars for most people on top of the hundred dollar gas fee to buy and then another gas fee to sell it.

It’s just not practical for most people, so version three, hopefully, will really uh, reduce those gas fees and really open the door to the masses buying these all coins again, which is why i’m really looking for those i will be featuring some projects here throughout the week. Also, if you guys want to put your cryptocurrency to work, i do recommend the blockfly platform. You can get up to 250 uh bitcoin bonus, just by signing up with my link and making your first deposit to start earning interest on that cryptocurrency. They do regular payouts and you can earn high interest uh up to 8.6 percent apy on stable coins, uh 6.

on litecoin right now and then over five percent on bitcoin and ethereum. So if you’re just holding crypto anyways, you might as well put it to work and lend it out and start earning some passive income on that. So that’s it for today’s crypto news and market update. I hope you guys found it useful if you did a free way to support the channel is like the video comment below and share the video anywhere on social media or with friends and family. Everything helps the channel grow and i really do appreciate that you guys can also follow me on twitter if you guys want more regular updates throughout the day at jrny.

Crypto there’s also links to all my favorite crypto tools and resources in the video description. If you guys do want to take a deeper dive, uh, don’t forget to check out that playlist on my channel as well for cryptocurrency guides. If you guys are new to the crypto space over 15 videos here of great value and for information all 100 free. So again, thank you guys so much for watching and i’ll see you guys in the next video you.

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