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Boom shakalaka bitcoin is down four percent for today, almost 11 for the week right around 52 000. Today’s video we’re going to take a look at exactly why bitcoin price is dropping where it’s likely to drop to and what’s going to happen afterwards. You’ll definitely want to stay tuned. What’s up everyone randall here from crypto love, today’s video we’re talking about the bitcoin price drop, where it’s likely to go and what is going to happen next before we do guys make sure to come. Join us over on twitter at the crypto love, where we have some exclusive giveaways plus all the other fun stuff of twitter, and if you enjoy this stuff, make sure to like subscribe click.

The notification out bell now bitcoin has dropped over four percent today down from 5600 to 56 000 to 52 000. This is shortly after willie. Wu was saying that the one trillion dollar price valuation is already strongly supported by investors. He was saying that seven point three percent of bitcoin’s last moved at prices above one trillion dollars, which is right here. That’s almost a tenth and he’s saying: hey, we’ll, never see, bitcoin go below one trillion dollar again, however, right now 985 billion dollars.


Now, what’s the reason for this well, first off, we know historically march, is not a good month for bitcoin january march, and september are really the only historically negative months for bitcoin, and if we take a look at where bitcoin is right now it actually broke. Underneath this orange line, the four-hour ma200, the only times that this has happened in the past year for bitcoin, was in march and then, if we scan back in january and if we scan back even further way back here in september, so the only time that bitcoin Really breaks below that four hour may 200 is in these months when it doesn’t do well. Historically, however, what’s going to happen next month april and may are historically huge months for bitcoin because of this, we might have some insane price growth going on for bitcoin and i’m going to share with you exactly where coming up shortly, but there’s also some other reasons. Why the price may be going down? First thing: is the bitcoin traders brace for record six billion dollars in options to expire on friday?

What happens with this is the bitcoin price goes to the max payne point due to the bitcoin options market and the max paying theory states, the market will gravitate towards the pain point while heading into the expiry. That’s because sellers typically institutions are sophisticated traders with ample capital supply, often try to push the price towards the max paying point by buying or selling the asset on spot or futures markets. And if we take a look at these open options, the max paying point is right here in the middle around forty four thousand dollars. So that means that traders are going to be pushing the bitcoin price all the way down to potentially forty four thousand dollars. All the way down here towards the bottom of the bullish megaphone now it doesn’t have to go all the way down there, but that’s the target point that they’re aiming at and not only that, but we also have some serious fun from ray daly who’s, saying.

Where he’s saying there’s a good probability of a us bitcoin ban, similar to what the us did with gold in the 1930s now for those of you who weren’t around, then i don’t think many of you would be, but back in the 1930s there was executive order. 6102, which required all persons to deliver on or before may 1st 1933 all, but a small amount of gold coin, gold, bullion and gold certificates owned by them to the federal reserve in exchange for 20.67 cents per ounce. So basically, they were really allowed to keep five ounces of coins, bullion and certificates, but the rest of it. They had to sell to the federal reserve at a price of 20 and 67 cents which in today’s equivalent will be about 408 dollars per ounce.


Now, immediately after they sold, everybody sold it back because if you didn’t the violation was punishable by a fine up to ten thousand dollars equivalent to two hundred thousand dollars today and ten years in prison. So there’s a big fine. If you didn’t do this so pretty much, everybody gave their gold to the federal reserve, giving the federal reserve effectively 60 of the world’s gold after world uh at that. At that point now, when that happened, the federal reserve, once they had all the gold, they immediately raised the price of gold to 35 dollars an ounce equivalent to 691 dollars. And if we take a look, i mean they bought it at 20.

Immediately after they had all of it, they made it 35, and then we can see what happened with the gold price right here. This is adjusted for inflation by the way, but right here we have that time period from when there was rumors of it. Starting to happen all the way till 1934, when they raised the price from 20 to 35. Ever since then the price has been going down. Now we could potentially see something similar happen in bitcoin.

It seems less likely because bitcoin is somewhat of an international money, and if people were to do this with bitcoin, they would have an option like putting their money into monero. Okay, untraceable, untrackable, secure, private and fast. It’s basically like the security option for bitcoin. If we take a look at monero right now, it’s basically finding some pretty solid support. So there was a lot of support in here resistance resistance and now is starting to be support, so people may be turning to put their bitcoin into monero.

If something like this could be happening, but i have another theory about what’s going on with this and why ray daly was saying because ray dalio was late to the game. Do you remember what happened a few years ago with jamie dimon, when he was saying that uh bitcoin is terrible and then later on, jp morgan bought it at a discount? I have a feeling that hedge fund manager, ray daly, was saying hey. We could have a bitcoin ban price tanks and then he buys it up in droves. Why wouldn’t he so that being said, what’s on the news for bitcoin, where is bitcoin price going well guys this, which i showed in yesterday’s video big bitcoin transfer worth 806 million?

Almost a billion dollars might reveal big institutional purchase. So if we take a look at the coinbase pro outflows, the red here are outflows from coinbase pro to coinbase custody. Coinbase, co pro is where retail investors trade it coinbase custody is where institutions buy it. Now there was a huge movement, 806 million dollars just the other day on march 23rd. If we take a look at previous times, this happened last time there was a big one was march 9th.


At that time it brought bitcoin’s price from 50 000. All the way up to over sixty thousand dollars before that was about march fifth, which brought bitcoins price from about forty two thousand, all the way to about fifty two thousand dollars. So each time there’s a ten thousand plus dollar move. So we could see this coming in the next few days and, as i’ve said previously guys, we haven’t even seen the beginning of the bitcoin bull run. All the movement we’ve seen right now is just due to inflation due to all the money printing.

This chart right here shows bitcoin adjusted for inflation. It tracks bitcoin versus the total m1 money supply. So when they print more money, the m1 money supply goes up. So you can find this by typing btc usd m1. But as you can see here, bitcoin isn’t even where it was back at 14, 000 in july of 2019, and definitely not even close to where it was at the 20 000 top.

So because of that, i think that the bitcoin rainbow price chart is wrong, and it looks something more like this because guess what back in july of 2019, when bitcoin was 14 000, it was still in the green area. So that means that, even though we’re higher than that fourteen thousand dollars – that’s just because of inflation, they doubled the monetary supply in the past year. So right now, theoretically, we are still in the green area, which is this and money printing is most likely going to be the new way of monetary policy of uh, basically deflating the value of u.s dollars, and because of that, we are likely going to continue going Up with this trend, as opposed to the current trend now because of that, that would make the local top not a hundred and fifty thousand dollars was predicting previously, but the local top closer to five hundred thousand dollars. If it were to happen in the next couple months, if it were to wait till the end of 2021, we could be looking closer to a million dollars.

This cycle, so you’ll definitely want to stay tuned. You’ll definitely want to hold on to your bitcoin. You definitely don’t want to be scared of flood like this, because this is just how the big institutions buy at better prices, so guys, that’s all for today’s episode. I hope you did enjoy it if you did make sure to like subscribe click, the notification bell and i’ll catch you later. Peace,

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